Eas was an original idea created by Justin Parker [Match Tical] in the winter of 2004 The Electro Aesthetic Spectrum is a design and marketing firm creating effective visual identities for companies of all sizes around the world.  Our talents are in conceptualization and the ability to visualize complex and dynamic ideas or concepts and translate them into feelings that resonate with the viewer or observer. We use any medium necessary to accomplish our objectives and provide unique campaigns. EaestheticS technicians are passionate about the internet and the possibilities of what design & marketing can accomplish.

At first conception, The Electro Aesthetic Spectrum was about showing off on the internet about how cool we all thought we were at the time -M4TCH


When the site had its official launch in 2005, the original members were still trying to figure out where their lives were going and mostly fell victim to marriage, children, or other dumb things kids do. After 2 years of being a forum and portal for the EaS crew at the time, the EaestheticS site slowly started to take shape as a weird ezine with committed writers sharing exclusives or news in the early years of the Blogosphere before sites like buzzfeed and thechive came around and break.com and ebaumsworld even knew what they were doing with themselves.

here is the original blogroll hosted by blogspot in an iframe just like the original EaestheticS was during its first conception.  HAHA

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