Obligations & Responsibilities leave me little time to DJ!

This last month or two have been dedicated to real actual work.  Like physical labor and serious future planning / preparation.  Im taking a small amount of time from my usual content creation on the SaC and am taking off to orlando for business until monday or tuesday.  The main project right now is Uesco Cranes and everything is on track and moving as smoothly as i think is possible for a client with a high demand site. when i wrap this up im striking out on my own and pausing the Regular design work EaestheticS has been living on for the last 3 or 4 years.  The next logical move is to clean up all the sideline projects and ready the launch of our first android application…  we have a new developer on deck contributing to a a very strange and secret project currently being drafted as we speak. Sorry for the updates and serious info.. here are some internet treasures for anyone who makes their way over to check up on me and what im grinding on.