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The art of Hurricane Ian

When everyone is prepping and boarding up for a huge storm, you get to see some weird and clever throw-ups from owners protecting their business. I dont have any OC photos because we were a little late to prep, but here are a few examples. <3 I hope everyone made it through safe. From what I can tell in regards… Read more →


Adam has access to the DALL-E 2 AI Art trial and he let me play around with it a bit today. You only have a limited number of credits to use for searching. I am on the waiting list now. Once I have access I will probably let loose and do a few graffiti sets. The idea of seeing train… Read more →


Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj dropped a video last night that came across my feed. This is another example of how i find myself at the center of my own universe. Its almost as if this fantasy was tailored for me. Sexy women on bikes composes half of my tumblr subscribers. Read more →