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MASH // The Green Video

MASH SF released a new joint that really inspired me. Since TaCo got the Mavic i have been trying to determine what i should do for a first run. Even if i am just producing montages it will feel great to get back into the game. This new video opened my eyes to how something simple cant still be amazing.… Read more →


Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj dropped a video last night that came across my feed. This is another example of how i find myself at the center of my own universe. Its almost as if this fantasy was tailored for me. Sexy women on bikes composes half of my tumblr subscribers. Read more →


Kevin linked up an article on Mass Appeal of a new series Nigel Sylvester is putting out about getting down in NYC. Go-Pro videos are always good for entertainment but i really enjoy the slice of life footage. Ever since SnapChat crossed into the world of social media ive been constantly stating that the new entertainment is other peoples lives.… Read more →

One Gear One Lens

Found this on Reddit about a new york fixed rider who is also a photographer. The website is absolutely incredible for presenting his gallery of photos acquired from his riding.. My love for cycling has been spilling over onto the EaS site for sometime now but this is a perfect example of how all of my interests can come together… Read more →