Adam has access to the DALL-E 2 AI Art trial and he let me play around with it a bit today. You only have a limited number of credits to use for searching. I am on the waiting list now. Once I have access I will probably let loose and do a few graffiti sets. The idea of seeing train… Read more →

411vm // History of the 90s VHS Drop

A significant milestone has passed. A new leaf has turned as I begin to spiral into the distant memories of a life before easy internet access. Before you could dive into the intricate lives of others there was a certain difficulty in getting something creatively curated or specific to your interests. As I reminisce, I can clearly see the changing… Read more →


I yearn to jump back into a web project of my own but the time just does not allow it. you know what they say about a journey of many mile doe. New Career. Time to get the house in order first. or for once.. or maybe more like finally. header cartoon via patch.com Read more →