Haven’t been sharing much lately and i think there might be a reason.  I will drop some music and some internet things shortly when im feeling more like being viral.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.05.48 PM

All Hail Chesley OG triple OG. He looks more buff in this photo than i think he may be in real life. 3rd version because of crashes during my break.



I first peeped the DUH video here and really liked it. I was curious if the anti society was something that could be maintained. I regret being lazy and not posting back before my birthday but this is just the kind of OC im producing for the site. shared links. not oc at all. Any way check it out and… Read more →



Kevin linked up an article on Mass Appeal of a new series Nigel Sylvester is putting out about getting down in NYC. Go-Pro videos are always good for entertainment but i really enjoy the slice of life footage. Ever since SnapChat crossed into the world of social media ive been constantly stating that the new entertainment is other peoples lives.… Read more →



Been listening all across the board like always and ive been wanting to make a post about the weird pop and the new rap game stuff that has been coming across my desk. Also despite my best efforts, a Mac Miller song has been in rotation lately. Look out for new Vince , Yelle, two 9, & Prelow, Get at… Read more →



I cant go into a gas station or grocerymarket without hearing Cant feel my face. I just wanted post so i could save the date when the Weeknd crossed into mainstream recognition. When it comes to indie artists that usually means the death of their career. I dont necessarily hope that thas the case but im sure all the cool… Read more →