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I yearn to jump back into a web project of my own but the time just does not allow it. you know what they say about a journey of many mile doe. New Career. Time to get the house in order first. or for once.. or maybe more like finally. header cartoon via Read more →


I worked for Apple on the phones for 2 years and some change as a tier 2 mac and mobile advisor. Seeing the company from the inside was a really great experience and educated me on the intricacies of the corporate shroud. So when I saw the new images of the new Apple store’s kinetic art installation,¬†instantly I knew it… Read more →


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.05.48 PM

All Hail Chesley OG triple OG. He looks more buff in this photo than i think he may be in real life. 3rd version because of crashes during my break.


Pulled another winner from the rabbit hole. Check out Ayo Sato choreography and tell me its not the sexiest future move digital dancehall gangster shit. Galactic Robert Palmer Robotic human moves. You dont exactly know why its entrancing, and you probably will not share it. Read more →