I worked for Apple on the phones for 2 years and some change as a tier 2 mac and mobile advisor. Seeing the company from the inside was a really great experience and educated me on the intricacies of the corporate shroud.

So when I saw the new images of the new Apple store’s kinetic art installation, instantly I knew it was a show of power to one of the richest cities in the world from one of the richest american corporations. I love large sculptures and giant installations that will add the ruins and artifacts of our existence on this planet. When i see the mall of dubai i consider it to be the future palace of some badlands conqueror. This seemed epic enough to share.

The entire project was designed by Foster + Partners of London. The video is impressive and i hope some day i get to see it in person.


“The opening and closing of these majestic solar wings is analogous to a delicate ballet recital — but on a monumental scale. In some ways it is a very spiritual experience, with the sun streaming through them and creating the most delicate and beautiful patterns of light and shade – a seamless blend of technology and culture.” –  Stefan Behling, Head of studio