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411vm // History of the 90s VHS Drop

A significant milestone has passed. A new leaf has turned as I begin to spiral into the distant memories of a life before easy internet access. Before you could dive into the intricate lives of others there was a certain difficulty in getting something creatively curated or specific to your interests. As I reminisce, I can clearly see the changing… Read more →


I yearn to jump back into a web project of my own but the time just does not allow it. you know what they say about a journey of many mile doe. New Career. Time to get the house in order first. or for once.. or maybe more like finally. header cartoon via Read more →

FIRST GENERATION // 90’s flashback bio

Caught this @ work today. Kinda swept me away to the apathetic weird days of my own 90’s youth. These kinda videos and content has been sustaining my artsy fartsy side as i grow closer to putting together some of my own work. Soon i will make a post about the ILLS. That is the episodic thriller the Bruno brothers… Read more →


KIDULT takes to the streets in response to the recent collaboration from Alec Monopoly &  Philipp Plein. This is one of those odd moments where the Plein doesnt really give a shit about the bombing.  In fact it seems like he is super hyped about it based off this IG post from that day.   View this post on Instagram A post… Read more →


I dont really get into christmas. During the season most people enjoy the traditional flicks and feel good movies for the holiday time of year. I, myself usually pursue the weirder darker christmas movies. This year i kicked off the party with Gremlins. One of my favorite 80’s actresses has been Phoebe Cates since Fast times at Ridgmont High and… Read more →





Haven’t been sharing much lately and i think there might be a reason.  I will drop some music and some internet things shortly when im feeling more like being viral.


I first peeped the DUH video here and really liked it. I was curious if the anti society was something that could be maintained. I regret being lazy and not posting back before my birthday but this is just the kind of OC im producing for the site. shared links. not oc at all. Any way check it out and… Read more →