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One Gear One Lens

Found this on Reddit about a new york fixed rider who is also a photographer. The website is absolutely incredible for presenting his gallery of photos acquired from his riding.. My love for cycling has been spilling over onto the EaS site for sometime now but this is a perfect example of how all of my interests can come together… Read more →


The young Beastie Boys – fighting for their right to party. Pablo Picasso in his home studio. Johnny Cash performs at Folsom Prison. Nikola Tesla in his super cool lab. Bill Watterson drawing Calvin and Hobbes. Stanley Kubrick sneaks a photo over Jack Nicholson’s shoulder. Salvador Dalí paints an abstract portrait of 25-year-old Raquel Welch. Also pictured: Dalí’s zero fucks… Read more →


We have been working and changing up a great deal here at the EaS lab. New equipment setups in the SAC House office with new workstation for Neesha and hopefully a new one for me asap.   Check out this glitchcore wallpaper list i found thats changed all of my bg’s across the board. browse while you listen. Sauce : Xanavi… Read more →