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Really doing well at work it seems. Which means i have had no time for posts. TaCo went to poland with pam and i just have been keeping it low key since my birthday.. The Super Awesome cool is back in full swing with daily events and game stuff. Check it out! Mother fucking Match Tical, did thas who. i… Read more →


  WOW. ok so i am feeling accomplished again.  I have been really busting my hump sorting it all. Moved the JAG, Paid it Down, Went to New Orleans, Met up with Damon, Painted some stuff, Rode bikes, went to shows, saved a little, and quit (slowed) smoking all in my ver first watermelon flavored slice of summer 2014.  All… Read more →


I really need someone to tell me what is the process or steps to take to feel like i have my shit together. Regardless of how much i get done or plans and goals get checked off i never really feel like i have it together.. something is always going to slip through the cracks.. -Physical internet -OBP Feature -Warm… Read more →

Art adventures & crew videos

When i was younger i always bought the weird videos and DVDs from my local entertainment spot which kind of guided my childhood interests right up into adulthood. Bones Brigade and 411vm got me into skating and Breakdancing videos like Tribal : Circles and other hip hop videos were my direct lines to cool stuff in an age before the… Read more →

EaS weekend update

These never happen. Usually on the weekend im off living it up. But lately i have been doing a great deal of riding to and from my new job 13 miles away. Been updating on instagram, which is the sure fire way to see exactly whats going on. Lately it has been all bike repairs and broken iphone fixing and… Read more →

Link Up Star #3

So for the last two weeks i have had the opportunity to pick up a new position at a wonderful location and am working in an envireonment i can thrive and enjoy at the same time… which is not always the case with me. This is probably th e primary reason for the lack of updates but atleast im staying… Read more →