Welcome back Jay to the EaS scene for the next few weeks before he levels up again on the skill tree to adulthood.

Training – 5:30am – 3:30pm  icon-check-square-o
Shop      – 3:45pm – 6:30pm  icon-check-square-o
Web / SAC – 7:00pm – 10:30pm icon-check-square-o
Me time? –  icon-square-o

The schedule has been a little wild because I enlisted in some training / experience stuff on a platform I am not completely familiar with. Coincidentally and orginal EaS member is up to the same thing. I walked in the first morning and he was just sitting there waiting with a few others as if we hadnt seen eachother in eight years or so. I really want to get out on my bike for a ride today but i will attempt to get some work done here on the website and listen to london calling for as long as i possibly can.

And if you know what is good for you… you wil too.

Now if you will please excuse me i have important work to do.

Be sure to check out the OSMO.   seems legit.. also the parralax action on the site is so sexy.  i would reccomend it to anyone..  i will try and make a post about it soon.