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Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj dropped a video last night that came across my feed. This is another example of how i find myself at the center of my own universe. Its almost as if this fantasy was tailored for me. Sexy women on bikes composes half of my tumblr subscribers. Read more →


Welcome back Jay to the EaS scene for the next few weeks before he levels up again on the skill tree to adulthood. Training – 5:30am – 3:30pm  icon-check-square-o Shop      – 3:45pm – 6:30pm  icon-check-square-o Web / SAC – 7:00pm – 10:30pm icon-check-square-o Me time? –  icon-square-o The schedule has been a little wild because I enlisted in some… Read more →


Remind you of a simpler time? Some Friday afternoons when the crew starts forming and the sun dips down on the edge of the city makes me reminiscent of experiences and times i’ve never had.


Been a few since i tied together the internet finds i was releasing weekly earlier in the year. Link UP is something i have heard people from the Caribbean say since 2002 and as a web designer i figured it would be alright for me to use. When i use the term link up i mean meet up online or… Read more →